About 'House of DURATECH'


Since 2002, House of DURATECH has been developing and producing innovative swimming pool accessories such as sustainable LED lighting, heat pumps, filter pumps, control- and coversystems. All our products comply with the most stringent technical standards, but they are also innovative in terms of their simple installation and ease of use. These innovations are driven by the personal experiences of our CEO, Marc Lamberts, who is the son of a swimming pool constructor and helped his father with the installation and finishing of swimming pools from an early age. Now he uses his skills as an engineer to develop innovations that improve swimming pool installations.

“As the son of a swimming pool constructor, I helped install swimming pools myself when I was younger,so I really understand what swimming pool installers need. That is why DURATECH only develops innovative products that make installation faster, longer-lasting, cheaper and more efficient.”

Marc Lamberts, CEO House of DURATECH
Photo of Marc Lambrechts with Ariette Heilbron

Our passion for research and development forms the basis of our business. There is no point imitating existing products, so every product in the DURATECH range offers a certain innovation or improvement:

icon easier installation
Easier installation
icon less maintenance
Less maintenance
icon longer lifespan
Longer lifespan
icon lower energy consumption
Lower energy consumption

Our latest new developments are focused on an all-round, complementary range of products that are interconnected by clever software. Sustainability and energy efficiency are key. Our products make pools easier to install, reduce maintenance and last longer, which gives swimming pool owners an attractive long-term benefit. That puts the dream of years of carefree swimming bliss and an everlasting holiday feeling within everyone’s reach.

“Our innovative product range makes the dream of a swimming pool accessible to everyone. That sense of spreading happiness gives our entire team the drive to guarantee the best service day after day.”

Ariëtte Heilbron, HR Manager House of DURATECH

We wish everyone a wonderful time in their swimming pool!

To maintain a constant drive for innovation, DURATECH boasts a strong and extensive R&D department. Our entire R&D process, from idea and research to development and testing, takes place in-house. This approach allows us to respond optimally to the current and future needs of the swimming pool market. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printers, climate-controlled chamber, … our R&D department efficiently and effectively develops the products of tomorrow.

Strong R&D department

Strong R&D department

The development of innovative products continuously drives us to explore new manufacturing techniques. As a result, DURATECH owns a state-of-the-art production facility. This allows us to meet market demands while maintaining a consistent quality of our products.

In)house manufacturing

In-house manufacturing

Our commitment extends beyond product development and manufacturing. Our dedicated DURACARE team, composed of expert specialists, offers unparalleled support to our distributors and pool installers through comprehensive training programs and robust technical backup services.