New: FLOW Vortex pre-filter, the missing link in ecological pool filtration

In the dynamic world of swimming pool technology, DURATECH is taking another step towards sustainability with the launch of the FLOW Vortex pre-filter, a game-changer in energy-efficient and ecological water filtration.

Water conservation is a crucial issue in many European regions, where drinking water availability is under pressure and restrictions are not uncommon. This also applies to swimming pools.  Alongside the growing environmental awareness of end-users, there is a demand for innovation in the pool sector.
Amid louder calls concerning the ecological footprint of swimming pools, the spotlight is on the efficiency of filtration systems.

DURATECH responds with the FLOW Vortex pre-filter, a smarter way to filter pool water while optimising filter system operation.

The FLOW Vortex, with its 22 cyclones, positions itself as an indispensable part of your filtration solution, situated between the filterpump and the main filtration unit. It leverages speed and gravity to remove heavier particles from the water, thereby relieving the main filter.

For cartridge filter users, this translates to a marked reduction in maintenance/cleaning frequency - often, annual cleaning is sufficient. For sand filters, it means fewer backwash operations, preventing the waste of hundreds of liters of water each time. With the FLOW Vortex, only a fraction of that volume is required.

Reducing the load on the main filter also prevents a rapid rise in pressure within the system, making the filtration pump work more efficiently. This leads to energy savings for the end customer.

Furthermore, the overall water quality improves, reducing the need for chemicals.

The ease of installation was a key consideration in the development of the FLOW Vortex. Its compact and lightweight design allows for straightforward in-line mounting without the need for additional support, offering unmatched flexibility in filter system design.

Discover how the FLOW Vortex pre-filter can provide significant value to your filtration setup and contribute to a more ecological future.

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