Cover Control Unit

There are several ways to configure and operate the DURACOVER system.

LINK Cover

Basic control unit for DURACOVER system. Operate the DURACOVER with the key switch.

LINK Cover and LINK Controller

Combine the LINK cover with the LED light control unit LINK Controller for a more advanced operation of the DURACOVER system.
Use the LINK Touch remote control for easy operation and calibration of the DURACOVER.

LINK Master

Advanced control and intelligent automation of the entire swimming pool system.
On top of the LINK Touch also the DURA Cloud app can be used for easy operation and calibration of the DURACOVER.

LINK Cover

LINK Cover
  • Control unit for DURACOVER poolcover system
  • Soft start/stop
  • 1 relay contact for filter pump
  • Easy calibration of the DURACOVER
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LINK Master

LINK Master
  • Pre-wired cabinet, easy installation
  • Intelligent pool management
  • Power supply and control of various pool devices
  • DURA Cloud app for configuration and operation
  • LINK Touch compatible
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