Maximize the efficacy of your primary filtration system by integrating a pre-filter into the sequence.

Positioned between the circulation pump and the main filter, a pre-filter brings multiple benefits:

  • Efficiency: It enhances the main filter's performance, leading to energy and water savings. With less debris reaching the main filter, it operates more efficiently.
  • Longevity: The reduced need for frequent cleaning extends the main filter’s lifespan, ensuring lasting performance.
  • Ease of maintenance: By capturing debris early on, the pre-filter simplifies upkeep, granting you more leisure time to enjoy your pool.

Investing in a pre-filter is a smart strategy for streamlined pool maintenance and long-term savings.

FLOW Vortex

FLOW Vortex
  • Multi cyclone filter
  • 22 hydro cyclones
  • No use of filter media
  • Limited water use for cleaning
  • In-line installation
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